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At that time, Cuba was the main supplier of raw tobacco and the Canary Islands was the commercial link between Cuba and the European continent. This connection allowed the development of a highly qualified processing sector in the Canary Islands, which gave our La Regenta cigars their exquisite quality.

Over the years, our cigars have lost none of their essence. The know-how of that time has been passed down to the children and grandchildren of the first master cigar makers, who, today, continue to strive to give each cigar its unequalled quality. The strict selection process of the leaves by our experts guarantees the satisfaction of the good smoker who finds rich and aromatic flavours in our cigars.

La Regenta cigars are wrapped in an attractive light carmelite Connecticut wrapper. The Cuban seed leaves from the Dominican Republic and Brazil filler are the perfect combination. Smooth and sweet on lighting it gives a hint of its strength in an even and delicate burn. La Regenta has an herbaceous, honeyed aroma and shows its full personality in its final stretch. In addition, the wide variety of its vitolas allows you to select the right cigar for every occasion.

Gama 1921

La Regenta linea clasica