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One of the main and first achievements of Dos Santos S.A.U. is to have an excellent team of professionals both at management and technical level. A young, passionate, motivated and dedicated team with several years of experience. Thanks to them, the company is able to face exciting challenges and projects in a coordinated way, achieving outstanding agreements as a result of the company’s tenacity, effort, great work capacity and the search for excellence in the management and quality of its products.

Dos Santos S.A.U. currently employs 115 people in different positions, including 24 in the galley, the real driving force behind our activity. The excellent professionals at Dos Santos have enabled us to achieve record production figures: more than one billion cigarettes, six million mechanised cigars, thirty-eight million cigarillos and half a million hand-made cigars.

In addition, Dos Santos has developed a dynamic of employee participation in the strategic orientation of its business through innovation programmes, which have enabled it to learn about and improve the management of its activity.

This fact, together with the implementation of the results of the “Your effort matters and contributes” challenge, the culture of the search for improvement and innovation that has been sown among the workers has allowed their ideas to contribute to the growth of the company. Thanks to this improvement, several ideas have been received from the staff that have been valued and incorporated into the production system.

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