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A common commitment


Since its beginnings in 1921, Dos Santos’ main objective has been to provide its products with the best tobacco products, adapting to different circumstances throughout its more than 100 years of history.

Dos Santos S.A.U. has been able to adapt to an ever-changing context and continuously improve. This has served to maintain its position as a benchmark in tobacco production in the Canary Islands. Among other management tools, we have implemented two management systems:

In 2003 the management of Dos Santos S.A.U. decided to implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. With this certificate, it is possible to improve not only the control of the product, but also the management of the organisation, with a greater orientation of the processes towards the customer.

The system is applied to all the company’s departments in a transversal manner (HR, commercial activity, etc.), identifying the impact that each of them has on the product and customer satisfaction. Another of the objectives set by Dos Santos is to try to exceed customer expectations.

In 2010 Dos Santos decided to implement an Environmental Management System in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard. This not only confirms its commitment to its customers, but also to the environment and, ultimately, to society as a whole. The standard covers aspects such as exhaustive environmental legal compliance, the identification of any element that may interact with the environment, the control of these aspects, etc…

Both systems are integrated, working as a single system that takes into account the requirements of both standards, so that in each activity the quality of the product and its impact on customer satisfaction as well as the environmental impact it may entail are taken into consideration.

The organisation maintains certification for both systems by Lloyd’s Register, demonstrating year after year the continuous improvement of its management systems”.

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