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Despite the different relocation dynamics developed by globalisation processes, Dos Santos S.A.U. continues to maintain its commitment to the industry and society of the Canary Islands, continuing its economic activity in our territory.
At present, the headquarters of Dos Santos S.A.U. is located in the city where it was born, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a new location that has allowed it to modernise and implement new production processes in line with new technologies.
In 2019, Dos Santos made a significant investment of 9 million euros in the construction of the new production plant, which has allowed us to guarantee the incorporation of new technologies, increasing the level of efficiency of our processes on an environmental level.

This new production centre in Gran Canaria has led to a 30% increase in production capacity, a reduction in production costs by improving process efficiency and the adoption of energy saving measures through the implementation of renewable energies.

The increase in production capacity and greater efficiency has allowed the installation of machinery for the manufacture of new product formats in order to meet the demand of customers in foreign markets.

Where are we? In the Canary Islands, location of traditions.

Head office

Our head office is located in Gran Canaria, specifically in the Polígono Industrial Lomo Blanco in calle Azuaje nº 2.

Gran Canaria

928 480 950 – 928 480 954