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100 years of history linked to the Canary Islands

100 years

In 2021, Dos Santos celebrated its centenary as a cigar manufacturer. A centenary marked by the principles of the Canary Islands, tradition and family character of the organisation which, together with the adaptation to new demands and trends, has allowed Dos Santos to consolidate its position as a national and European benchmark in the tobacco industry.

On the occasion of the centenary of Dos Santos S.A.U., it has carried out the following actions:

Renewal of the brand image.

At Dos Santos S.A.U. we have opted for a total renovation of our image. It has been 100 years since we began our journey, and throughout these years we have had to evolve in order to keep moving forward. Proof of this evolution is reflected in our new modernised, digitalised brand image, developed and adapted to our public. We wanted to use a new brand image that projects our values, a premium and quality vision of our products.

Renewal of vitolas/rings

In this process of change, we also wanted to transform our vitolas/rings, providing a more premium design in line with the brand and appealing to national and international smokers.

Product renewal.

The renewal of products is essential in order to adapt to the new times. The main objective of the incorporation of new products for Dos Santos S.A.U. is to be able to present a wide range of quality products adapted to all kinds of tastes.

Expansion into the peninsular market (Casa del Tabaco)

Dos Santos S.A.U. crosses borders. Handmade, quality cigars that conquer the palates of anyone who tries them. That is why you will not only find our products in the Canary Islands, but you can also find them in mainland Spain. La Casa de Tabaco helps us in this great work, a distributor with more than twenty years of experience and that meet rigorous quality standards to offer the best product excellence.