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Mecánicos RYO

Mecánicos RYO is intended for lovers of rolling tobacco. Thanks to its unmistakable traditional taste, this additive and preservative-free 100% natural dark tobacco offers an intense and intriguing aroma and is a firm favorite among smokers from the Canary Islands.

hojas de tabaco

Clever RYO

With its distinctive fresh flavour, Clever will become a firm favourite of today’s smoker, who enjoy the quality feel of a premium tobacco blend, perfectly humidified to ensure easy rolling, and the intense and rich flavour offered by our choice blend of tobaccos.

Featuring attractive designs, Clever comes in two different types of packaging to meet the tastes of all types of smoker. Our original 170g pack is coated with aluminum inside to guarantee optimum levels of humidity at all times (up to 200 cigarettes) and can be sealed shut with a zipper once opened to keep fresh.