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A common bid

Ever since it was founded in 1921, the objective of Dos Santos has been to offer the best tobacco products, adapting to changing circumstances throughout almost 100 years of its history. Our ability to adapt to an ever-changing context and to constantly improve is now part of our D.N.A. and it has always been the compass that has kept us as a benchmark in the tobacco industry in the Canary Islands. The management tools that we have implemented include the following two systems:

In 2003, the Dos Santos senior management decided to roll out a Quality Management System that met the international ISO 9001 standard requisites. This not only improved product control, it also enhanced the management of the organization, by focusing processes more on the customer. The application of this system is cross-cutting, covering all the company’s departments (H.R., sales activities, etc.) and identifies the impact that each of these has on the product and on customer satisfaction. We always try to out-perform the expectations of our customers.

In 2010, Dos Santos decided to roll out an Environmental Management System pursuant to the ISO 14001 international standard. This not only confirms the company’s commitment to its customers, it also highlights its commitment to the environment and, in short to society as a whole. The standard covers aspects such as exhaustive compliance with environmental legislation, the identification of any element that could interact with the environment, control of these aspects, etc.

These two systems are integrated: in other words, they work as a single system that bears in mind the requisites of both standards, in such a way that each different activity takes into consideration the quality of the product and its impact on customer satisfaction, as well as any environmental impact that may be entailed. For both systems, the organization keeps its certifications issued by Lloyd’s Register, showing the constant improvement in its management systems, year after year.