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Black · Cigarettes

Herencia Palmera

Dos Santos S.A.U., after a period of research, selected the best Cuban black tobaccos to incorporate them into the manufacture of this brand. The result has been unbeatable, achieving a completely balanced product of excellent quality, 100% natural and with a totally unique flavour. The packaging of this product is made with banana leaves. This ensures that the tobacco is kept moist and with an aroma like no other. A successful young product that continues to grow, delighting and surprising smokers of dark tobacco, especially in the Peninsula.
  • TYPE OF LIQUOR: Dark tobacco of Cuban origin, without additives or humectants.
  • ALKITRAN & NICOTINE: 10mg./1.0mg.
  • PACKAGING: 84mm. soft format, cellophaned.
  • BAR CODE carton: 8421572678251
  • BAR CODE pack: 8421572678121

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