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Barlovento Machine-Made Cigars

Barlovento is a young cigar and one of our most recent creations. Produced from Cuban tobacco seeds planted in the Dominican Republic, the cigar has a mild and sweet taste and a near perfect burn. It has a medium-low strength and acquires more character and personality as you reach the second third of the cigar. Its range of vitolas makes it ideal for large-scale events and celebrations. Moreover, its modern design and name have made it a hugely popular choice both locally and abroad. At present, Barlovento has a loyal following not only on the Spanish mainland, but also in various other European countries.
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Herenecia Palmera

Herencia Palmera is one of our most popular brands throughout the Canary Islands and on the Spanish mainland. Its unique presence and bouquet are unmistakably born of the Canary Islands and all cigars are carefully produced at our Dos Santos factory. Its simple presentation makes it a highly appealing cigar for all kinds of consumer, and its extensive range of available vitolas mean that smokers can choose the perfect cigar for each occasion.

Petit Regenta 100%

Our mini Regenta is a truly classic example of our 100% Natural Tobacco cigars. This simple yet noble cigar is the ideal companion for short breaks from the day-to-day routine. Offering a medium strength and mild flavour, it leaves a creamy taste with fleeting bitter touches on the smoker’s palate. Petit Regenta 100% also features a variety of eye-catching presentations and versions.

hojas de tabaco

Doble Tres

Doble Tres, Brevas and Señoritas, is one of our most successful medium cigar ranges on the local market. Its unique taste has won over many Canarian smokers, lured in by its unmistakable bouquet and flavour. Its simple yet practical presentation equate to a competitive price tag, thus bringing a quality cigar within reach of all consumers.