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La Regenta Cigars

Born in the 1920s, along with the company that originally bore the same name, “Fábrica La Regenta”. The company’s headquarters, which have since been declared a building of historic interest, still remain in the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria today, and now function as an art centre showcasing the works of top-flight artists. Back in the day, Cuba was the main supplier of leaf tobacco, while the Canary Islands provided the nexus between Cuba and the European continent. This link eventually gave rise to a highly skilled tobacco processing sector on the Canary Islands, which, in turn, afforded our La Regenta cigars a truly supreme quality. With the passing of time, our cigars have not lost a single iota of their original essence.

cultivo de tabaco


Hand-rolled cigar with a slow and painstaking production process. Prepared from Cuban tobacco leaves harvested from the very finest tobacco fields and with a striking olive-coloured Connecticut wrapper leaf, Yvette is intended as a premium cigar that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The meticulous production process affords it an excellent draw and an even burn. Elegant yet discreet, this cigar is hugely popular among occasional and expert smokers alike. Mellow and sweet at the outset, the cigar soon acquires more personality from the first third onward, without ever losing its sweetness or characteristic light earthy bouquet.


Cónsul, a medium cigar, is one of our most recently developed brands. It was conceived in 2008 to introduce a 100% Dominican Republic cigar to our range of products. Its impressive presentation makes it an ideal choice for any kind of celebration, while its formidable quality will satisfy the most demanding of smokers.

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