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Our most emblematic brand, first conceived in the 1920s. With an intense aroma and captivating taste, it has become a long-standing favourite of local Canarian smokers. Many of us at the company can recall our grandfathers reaching for a good filterless Mecánicos from a distinctive green or yellow pack… now, however, Mecánicos are not confined to the Canary Islands, they are also available to traditional dark tobacco lovers living on the Spanish mainland.

Fire-cured dark tobacco leaves, carefully selected at different stages of the process, are mixed in the right proportion to produce the Mecánicos blend. This for us is the only way of continuing to impress our customers over time, while catering to the preferences of all kinds of smoker by offering different versions of our Mecánicos cigarette.

cultivo de tabaco

Desert Gold

Dos Santos established its first bonds with the United States in the 1980s. Thanks to these commercial dealings and due to changing consumer demands, the company has extended its range of products by adding blonde tobacco to its production line. The know-how acquired from our repeated trips to the United States has allowed us to create numerous enticing American-style blends.

An American name for an American blend: Desert Gold, also a tribute to the golden sands that cover many of our beaches on the Canary Islands. Conceived in the 1990s, Desert Gold is now our most emblematic brand within an extensive range of products, and is currently the most well-travelled both nationally and internationally.

Canary Kingdom

Presented in a silver pack with a sleek, modern design, this brand has attracted a considerable following in the Canary Islands and also further afield. The premium quality of the choice tobacco has made Canary Kingdom our most popular brand of Virginian cigarettes.

hojas de tabaco


The name of this distinctively American brand characterises the times we live in and the new century before us. The superb quality of the blend, coupled with the lively and colourful pack
design and competitive price, have aroused the interest of a number of major food chains. On the Canary Islands, the brand is currently distributed through one of the islands’ leading chains, which has 150 outlets strategically situated throughout the islands.

caja de hojas para mecánicos

Tail Wind

With a traditional and elegant design, this brand features an authentic American aroma and taste. The brand’s energy and strength are also reflected in its name, Tail Wind.

cultivo de tabaco

Herencia Palmera

Many islanders from La Palma are farmers at their place of origin and continue to be in Cuba, land of welcome for many Canarian emigrants from the seventeenth century who quickly learn to grow tobacco. This particular brand therefore features the finest dark Cuban tobacco leaves, which undergo a stringent selection process. The results could not be better, achieving a well-balanced premium product, 100% natural and with its own unique flavour. Packaged in banana tree leaves, the tobacco bales conserve their humidity and aroma like no other. A young and intriguing product on the rise, particularly popular among dark tobacco smokers from the Spanish mainland.

Latino Heritage

We are all well aware of the proximity and close ties that Canary Islanders and Latin Americans have always enjoyed. Our particular way of expressing our gratitude and paying tribute to our Latin American friends, who have welcomed many of us to their hores over the years, is to pool together know-how and fine tobaccos to create a brand deeply rooted in the Latin American Continent. Tobacco from Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay are mixed together to form exquisite and superbly balanced blends.

hojas de tabaco
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